Hello there! I'm Craine, a photographer on the Gulf Coast of Central Florida (Pinellas County). I've been making photographs for more than half my life, and have slowly been carving out my niche in this world. I offer a variety of photography and videography services to businesses, non-profits, clubs, and individuals. For more information about the specific services I offer to each group, please visit the links below:

Working with Me:

I. Initial consultation & prep work

We'll talk over your project to make sure we both understand what we need to do to make a successful partnership. This might be in-person or virtually, depending on where you are and where I am

II. Magic happens here

We'll come together and make some amazing photos, record your interviews, or stream your event to your remote audience

III. Deliver memories

This is the part where I turn raw images into something memorable and present them to you in a curated album for you to pick the best from.